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DePuy Hip Metallic Poisoning

One of the most dangerous side effects associated with the defective DePuy ASR Hip Implant is metallosis, or metallic poisoning.  Among the risks of loosening, detachment and dislocation of the device, metallic poisoning is most severe as it has the potential to cause all of these problems as well as damage to other parts of the body.

Historically, hip implant devices consisted of a ball and cup made of metal and plastic or metal and ceramic.  The DePuy ASR XL Hip Implant, however, was designed to be more durable than previous implants due to its unique metal-on-metal design.  DePuy’s marketing to younger, more active patients even claimed they could run, jump and exercise after the replacement procedure. 

Unfortunately, although DePuy’s metal-on-metal design might have reduced long term wear and increased durability of the device itself, the tendency of the metal ball and socket system to release metal shavings into the body has the potential for more serious and immediate side effects.

Doctors have increasingly warned patients of the potential severe side effects associated with releasing metal shavings in the body.  Among them are allergic reactions, bone loss, soft tissue damage, vision or hearing problems or even tumors and cancer.

Metallosis, or metallic poisoning, has been shown to cause the breakdown of bone marrow and white blood cells. A 2009 study in the United Kingdom of 660 DePuy Hip Implant patients went further, linking metallic poisoning to problems such as vision loss, soft tissue and muscle damage, hearing loss and hip pain. 

The National Institute of Health has released studies linking the metal in defective DePuy Hip implants to severe tissue inflammation and poisoning.  Experts have even related the effects of metal poisoning to cancer or birth defects if the toxic metals enter the reproductive organs near the pelvic region.

DePuy Hip patients have also shown increased levels of harmful metals like chromium and cobalt.  These can also enter the bloodstream through the lower portion of the hip and have been shown to produce tumors in tissue which may cause pain or prevent further surgeries to the hip area.

If you or a loved one received a DePuy ASR Hip Implant, it is important toyou’re your doctor immediately to evaluate for hip failure and undergo testing for toxic metals in your bloodstream.  Contact us today to speak with a DePuy Hip Attorney about your legal rights.

Approximately 1,000 patients have reported problems with their DePuy Hip Implants since 2005.  From only 2007 to 2009, the FDA received over 600 adverse event reports from doctors who were evaluating patients returning with problems so severe that they required surgery to remove their implants.

Many of the problems associated with the DePuy Hip Implant can be linked to the fact that the metal-on-metal device has the potential to shed harmful metal shavings into the body.  These particles can cause numerous serious health problems in the hip region and the whole body.

Experts have indicated that at least 13% of the 93,000 DePuy Hip patients who received the implant will need to undergo surgery to remove it.  Many of these people may suffer from symptoms of metallic poisoning such as allergic reactions, bone loss, soft tissue damage, vision or hearing problems, tumors or even cancer associated with metallic poisoning.

Legal Options

As part of the DePuy Hip Recall issued on August 26, 2010, the company has indicated it will pay “reasonable and customary costs of monitoring and treatment” related to the recalled hip implants.  This may include the cost of revision surgery, however, it does not compensate patients for pain and suffering, lost time or wages, or the risk of undergoing a repeat surgery.

DePuy is also asking patients to sign a medical release and turn over the faulty hip implant device if it is removed.  IT IS IMPORTANT THAT YOU NOT AGREE TO THIS.

The defective DePuy Hip Implant is the most important piece of evidence in any claim for damages, therefore if you have it removed it should be tested by an independent third party for defects.  Agreeing to release your medical records and return the faulty device may severely limit your future legal rights. 

If you received a DePuy Hip Implant beginning in 2005, contact us today to speak with a qualified DePuy Hip Attorney about your legal rights. Lawyers are currently filing DePuy Hip Lawsuits and are available 24 hours a day for a free consultation of your case.  Time to file a claim is limited.