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Groin Pain

Many patients who received a DePuy ASR XL Hip Implant have noted symptoms of persistent pain in the groin. Ongoing groin pain can be a sign of a significant implant failure side effect such as detachment, loosening or dislocation of the device, bone fractures or complications from metallic poisoning. 

Based on the growing number of reports to the FDA by doctors who identified hip implant failure in returning patients, DePuy issued a recall of their ASR XL Hip Implant on August 26, 2010.  Those who have a DePuy Implant are urged to see their doctor to check for symptoms of hip implant failure.

Persistent groin pain can be an indication of a mechanical failure of a DePuy Hip Implant, or may be a sign of more serious, long term health risk like metallic poisoning from the absorption of metal shavings into the bloodstream.  Metallic poisoning from defective DePuy Implants has been shown to cause bone loss and damage to muscle and soft tissue.  This can also cause symptoms of DePuy groin pain.

If you have experienced DePuy groin pain it is important to see your doctor and monitor for symptoms of severe implant failure.  Even if you have not experienced any adverse symptoms from your DePuy Hip Implant, you could be at risk of serious long term health issues from metal particles that are absorbed into the bloodstream.

If you received a DePuy Hip Implant, it is important that you speak with a DePuy Hip attorney to discuss your legal rights.   Lawyers are currently filing DePuy Hip Lawsuits for the severe side effects and symptoms related to these faulty devices.  Time to file is limited.

The FDA has received nearly 1,000 reports of patients suffering adverse symptoms like DePuy groin pain. This is often a sign of a more serious side effect and may mean that the defective implant will have to be removed.

Experts predict over 13% of the 93,000 patients who received DePuy Hip Implants beginning in 2005 will have to undergo surgery to remove the device due to health risks.  Many more will suffer from ongoing symptoms of a defective device such as groin pain.

Reports indicate DePuy knew about the risks of the defective ASR implant after it was released, but continued to market the faulty product for years before warning consumers or ordering a recall.

Legal Options

As part of the August, 2010 recall, DePuy has indicated it will pay “reasonable and customary costs of monitoring and treatment” for the defective hip implants.  This may include surgical costs to replace the device, however, it does not compensate patients for pain and suffering, lost time or wages, or the risk of undergoing another surgery.

DePuy is also asking patients to sign a medical release and turn over the faulty hip implant device if it is removed. 

If you received a DePuy Hip Implant it is important that you speak with a DePuy Hip Attorney about your legal rights before agreeing to any recall conditions. Do not sign anything from DePuy or Johnson & Johnson. We are available 24 hours a day to answer your questions and provide a confidential evaluation of your case.